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Destination Wedding Planners

Are you the kind that loves to travel? Have you always dreamt of having your wedding in some glamorous, romantic, royal destination like: Jaipur ,Udaipur, Goa or an historic one like: Italy , Greece , France ? The sheer beauty of these places will always create a stir in the heart of almost every little girl who dreams of her Wedding Day, the ambiance of a golden sunset creating a halo around her new husband’s face as their first sweet kiss starts their new life together. Of course they live happily ever after as the fairy tale goes. 

Destination Weddings is what that girl dreams about!We specialize in the organization and logistics of destination events by finding the perfect venues and suppliers to suit your vision and travel / transportation needs.  We have experience in organizing events for your company destination event, destination Wedding Planners in Gurgaon, or any other destination event you might have.