Venue Pricing – Should be Included or Excluded?

Venues don’t generally display pricing. Why? The reasons are enormous. Here we share the major 5 excuses by venues for excluding event prices online. Synonymously we share our reasons to why it should be included.

Pricing is a customizable affair!

Excuse1 - Pricing is flexible depending on the need of client (event, time, day, invitation list etc.) The package is accordingly customized for everyone.

What we have to say – The client needs to have a basic idea. Everyone has a budget and you need to start from somewhere. Be it your rental base rate for the venue or some common packages that people avail. This will help your visitors who are willing to have an idea of your offerings if they fall in love with your beautiful place. Don’t suggest that it is the hard and fats rule, rather suggest them options as per their requirements for the event and that they get the bargain price for certain days. Everyone has a basic idea of their budget and if you are not affordable to them, they won’t contact you. This will bring you potential customers and save time.

Diverse Options

Excuse 2 - We have diverse options to offer to our clients and it can be misleading to show just a few. Displaying all in a way that is easily understood is not easy.

What we have to say - It is not necessary that you list them all on your site page. You don’t have to do that. Sharing some of the commonly quoted packages is enough. This will help your clients with a basic idea and let them that the price is flexible depending on the options. People search online to plan their budget for an event as they don’t have much knowledge about it. Listing your pricing will starts the conversation and may even set a deal for you.


Excuse 3 - Most of the venues state that they don’t want their competitors to know their pricing.

What we have to say- Well! Your competitors are o the same niche. Right? And they are already aware of the prices of their nearest competitors in the location. The challenge is to post a price in balance online ensuring that it is neither too low nor too high. As the savvy clients perceive low prices as poor-quality services. An honest display of your charges will help you beat your competition even without reducing your costs.

Clients might mis-understand!

Excuse 4 - Venues claim that displaying prices can send a few customers back thinking they can’t afford us, or the cost is too low to meet the desired quality. Therefore, they want their clients to reach out and discuss their needs before making a mind based on price. As pricing is not a set stone.

What we have to say - Displaying a range of prices can solve this purpose. We understand that the voice of a skilled salesperson can convince a deal with an encounter. If you have some jaw dropping offers for specific seasons or weekday, display the same for purpose. Add your general and peak season rates as well. This way you set a buffet that invites them to pick what they want along with an idea of your flexibility.

Don’t want to post prices

Excuse 5 - Often, venues don’t want to post any package pricing online. As they can’t authorize adding the content online and need approval.

What we have to say- Get approval then! Sharing your package pricing online based on your average rate. Will help you grow your business.

Being honest with your customers is a step to success. Educate your customers about what you offer and how you can be a good option with the price you offer. Tell the services they’ll get if they choose you. Before that, question yourself – “What is your value of proposition for your business?”. If you state yourself as a low-cost option in the location, better not to display high prices. And, if price is no concern and you offer great service instead, tell your customers where your prices start.

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