Top 5 Tips to Keep Delegates Happy

Organising a Corporate event and Keeping thousands of people happy, all at once is not a treadmill run. Everyone has a different taste for food, entertainment, music, decoration and what not. As many people, as variant are the choices. Thus, satisfying all the guests at an event can feel like a milestone in successful event. We share top 5 tips to ease out your way to a successful event and leave all your guests appreciating with smile.

Ease Out Registration

Registration is the very first step of customer engagement. If you make it complex, you lose potential delegates at the first step. Incorporating an effective management system for delegates will help track all the registrations in real time. This will discard the use tedious process of maintaining spreadsheets. Craft unique invitations, schedule follow-ups email and messages and design bespoke web pages. This will facilitate the delegates to register for desired events and know about the all related information before they head to the event.

Gorgeous Venue

Venue and the location of the venue has a great role to play. It can affect the number of guests who attend your event. A good venue is one that is easy to reach by any means of transport, have all necessary facilities and obviously looks gorgeous. Try on giving more information to your guests about the venue, including transport and parking facilities to ease things out for the delegates. Hints about the venue such as dining, spaces to relax, cafe’s and entertainment etc. will excite the guest to come to the venue for an event.

Fit Food

People are becoming conscious of what they eat. As such, event industry is also updating their menus with healthy food choices. This keeps the attendants satisfied with the eating options at the event. A healthy lunch menu and healthy snack options along with coffee has potential to lift up productivity. Also, keep cater for other dietary requirements at breakfast and lunch timings. Putting up the calorie chart for the extra health conscious people will surely leave them wow!!

On-track Content

Putting up creative ideas and invitations is a good thought. But, remember not to get off the track. Keeping in mind the purpose of event is essential. Each piece of content you present, be it the invitation headings, speaker script, debate or workshop, everything needs to be specific. The message should be engaging for the audience and meet your basic objective as well. Digitalization have given easy solutions to event management. They present a platform for communication with the delegates and track experience after the event. You can also use few event apps to host Q&As, conduct live polls and take feedbacks. Moreover, digital solutions offer route for easy data exchange eliminating the need for business cards or promotional handouts. This helps in increasing ROI and managing next event in a better way.

Offer a Unique Experience

We have enough resources to bring ideas into existence. Try think hard and offer your guest something different from your competitors. It can be an entertainment activity to kick off stress or a themed event that bring the delegates to a completely different life experience- entertaining and adventurous. Think out of the club to leave your delegates happy and return back to you again.

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