Step-by-Step Guide to Make Event Planning Easy

Event planning is one of the most successful carriers today. If you ask an Event Manager about their position in the Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs, they’ll expect no far than the fifth position. However, with the proper planning and plotting of ideas, the task of event management is not that stressful as it seems.

Straight from the Event Managers, we present a list of tips to drop down your stress and rock our event management goals.

Don’t Hesitate to Take Details

Planning an event for your client is not as simple as it seems. As an event manager you need to take care of the wish list of your client. To avoid any confusion or last-minute dilemma while making decisions, ask all the important questions while making the plan. This will let the execution go smooth. This will also save your time later for important tasks.

The good idea is to have a checklist that’ll help you ask smallest of details from your clients that you may miss otherwise. These may include questions like- “Which flower will you prefer?”, “Any color theme you desire?”, “If you require speakers with autocue, a blue-room, pre-event rehearsals?”, “Type of furniture” etc. It may sound tedious to keep track of so many questions but trust us your clients are going to appreciate your work later when you execute all at once without lining up emails for smallest of details.

Fix Meetings Upfront

Both event managers and clients are busy for the event. To smooth down things and execute an effective event, take out time to communicate with your clients the way they want. You can fix face-to-face meetings once in a month till the final event, three months in advance. Getting close to the event, increase the pressure and questions. You might need to have conversation over few basic requirements. Therefore, you need to fix time for conference calls that suits all the concerned people, two weeks prior to the main event.

Invest on Trusted Suppliers

You don’t want to mess up things at last moment due to the low-quality products. Thus, it becomes essential that you call only the trusted suppliers for your needs. Experienced event managers have their own list of trusted suppliers to depend on. They call out them to supply services they need at the event. Also, it’s better to brief your suppliers in advance to have all good quality items delivered in time. Doing it a few days before the event can cause hustle and mess up things.

Master Spreadsheets

A successful event planner has a good command over spreadsheets. You may use other programs as well, but make sure you have hands on experience in it. A good command will make your work faster and let you summarize your plan to your clients in a better manner. Course for using Excel sheets, PowerPoint and Word will help you a long way. It will facilitate in making comprehensive timetables, running orders, planning budgets, scheduling invoices, reports etc. Tracking all your tasks in spreadsheets will ease down work for you.

Make a Plan

It is important to make your plan in advance and highlight the main goal. Often, we forget the major goal when we have various small tasks bundled up. Developing a master plan in the beginning will help you prioritize all your tasks and execute to fly high for appreciation.

Take a Trail!

Going into the details can even out hurdles later. It’s good idea to carry a thorough judgement on conference calls, before the main day of event. Invest at least 1-2 hours and invite all the involved stakeholders. Try to detail everything using the Event Running Order- the view, the feel, the touch and all the necessary details of the day like for example; display on the screen when the main person walk into plenary, the anchors, the lineup of events etc. Therefore, at least two walk-throughs are essential to make the final event rock. It’s better to know the down points 2 days before than 2 hours to the event.

Death by PowerPoint is NOT an option

What makes a conference worth going? An interesting, engaging and relevant content presented by good speakers. Just reciting power point slides, that too of a poor design will definitely leave the delegates yawning. Make a powerful slide with less words and more graphics. This will ensure that the clients focus on your idea rather than sticking their eyes to the lines. Images, infographics and animations have a great power to hold viewer and is shareable on social media as well.

Line up Your Tasks

Prioritizing is the key to successful management. It is essential to level up your urgent tasks to bring your focus and direct you to the most important thing you need to do as soon as you start your day. And, stay away from your inbox till you finish the most prior task on your list. This won’t let you distract to less prior things and keep your work on track.

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