Flowers Aren’t Just for Couples!

We often go to the florists only for major events like for a wedding or the love day (Valentine’s Day). Yes, definitely these are good reasons to buy that bunch of colorful joy, but it is not limited to just weddings and anniversaries. Flowers can be extensively used for various other occasions.

Flowers Got A Magic!

Flowers are a beautiful gesture of love and care. Giving flowers can say so much without really saying a word. They are close to feelings, be it of celebration or of mourn. Flowers have the language of colors. Diverse colors can convey different messages - “I love you”, “Take care”, “Good luck” and many more. You can simply gift the bunch of color with added fragrance to bring a smile on the face of someone special.

The emotional versatility makes it the choice to pick for any occasion. And, the best part – Quantity doesn’t count, it only makes the smile go wide. Gift a single bloom or a whole bunch, the expression remains the same. You can present big romantic gestures with a bunch or simply give a few to show you care. Moreover, with so much diversity you can mix and match the blossoms.

When can Flowers Work?

Like we mentioned above, flowers mark a beautiful love expression and is of typical use on occasions such as weddings and Valentine’s day. But flowers are not limited to this, it can be widely used for several occasions. We’ve come with some special days when you can gift flowers to that special person.

Promotion at Work

You got to know that your best friend got promoted at work. How to congratulate him/her on this achievement? Bring them a bouquet of flowers. Simple! Gifting a blossom is a great choice to wish the joy of blossoming career. Choose a colorful bunch to make their achievement count.

Mother’s Day

The special day dedicated to the lovely ladies of our lives, our beloved MOM. Pair your Mother’s Day gift with a bunch of flowers to add that special tint of joyous feeling and brighten up their day. Also, make other moms in your life – grandmother, aunt, mother-in-law or your best friends mom, make them feel special with this expression of love.

Gesture to Your Host

The running tradition to bring sweets or fruits while going over someone’s house is a great way of gesture. But today, not many people eat sweets, especially from outside. Than why to waste money on it. Pay homage with a bunch of flowers, this will surely brighten the mood of your host.

Breakups & Patch-ups

You keep fighting, breaking up and then again join hearts. Gift your beloved his/her favorite flower to show them you care and how special they are. Fights are just a part and not the story. Blossoms can be a great way to express your heart.

For Un-known Helpers

Not everyone who serves us with a service is known; like the pizza delivery boy who rings your favorite pizza on a Diwali night or the cab drivers who miss their festival to drop you to your family on festivals. They are the real MVPs. How to express gratitude to them? Gift flowers and say thank you!


No doubt, everyone wants to feel special on their birthday. It’s the day they got life on earth that too as a human. Often, friends and family celebrate birthdays at midnight or on weekend before or after the real date, you miss gifting them on the very special day. How to fix that? Surprise your friend, siblings or love by sending them a bouquet of flowers on that special birthday morning.

Appreciate Small Achievements

Small achievements can go big with appreciations. If you want to show that you are proud of their work and want to congratulate them without overdoing it, flowers are the best way to show it.

Coz You Matter

You not always need an occasion to tell a person that they matter. If you are missing someone or feeling blessed to have them in your life, express your emotions with flowers. It will surely lift their mood and smile deep.

Flowers can convey all messages. If in dilemma of what to gift, how to say, just bring a few flowers and express the right way.

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