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Birthday Party Organisers in Gurgaon

Birthday parties are events we look forward to every year. Our friends and family often plan them for months on end. The surprises, the gifts, the food, the venue and the cake- there are many things that make a birthday special. With such a busy lifestyle, it is often hard for us to plan these parties to perfection as we want it. Tap Events comes to your rescue here!
 With an array of members who are versatile as well as well as experienced, Tap Events is the premier birthday planning company in Gurgaon.


We are a full-service firm in the true sense of the word. From the design of the cake to the seating arrangement of your guests, we do everything with our heart only for you. Need a play a special playlist? Just ask us and the music will be ready for the event. Need an anchor to welcome special guests? We will do it for you at the most affordable prices. Once you hire us for your birthday, you can just sit back and relax and we will get it done as per your wishes.

Many of our clients have become repeat customers after having an amazing time at their own birthday. They recommend us to friends and family as well. We have customised services available for each event. So, if it’s your little one’s birthday or even your father’s, we have special plans and services for everyone. 

A major doubt in people’s mind is the cost associated with hiring a reputable event planner. We assure you that with Tap Events you would end up saving a lot more than if you planned your birthday bash on your own. For instance, the venue we select for you is based to exactly suit your requirements and we make sure we get it at the lowest price.

Our network of venue managers allows us to avail great discounts. We give you the chance to choose and shortlist any place based on your liking as well.

Tap Events also provides services in other cities throughout India. We have organised shows in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. If you’re looking for Birthday Party Organisers in Gurgaon, you should give us a call right away! We hope to have a long lasting relationship with you!

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